Qara Ordu Moritun

Dark Horde Moritu

Did you ever have the urge to ride with the Mongol hordes under Chingis Khan? Do you just know you  would look good in fur-trimmed hats and boots with turned up toes? Have you ever thought that fermented mare’s milk might go good over your frosted mini-wheats? Does the idea of a dwelling with no corners sound cozy? Then you, my friend, just might be a Mongol at heart!



The Qara Ordu Moritun (Dark Horde Riders), more commonly known as “the Moritu,” is a cross-kingdom household for those interested in the research and re-creation of Medieval Mongolian cultures, from the reigns of Chingis Khan to Kublai Khan. 




We are a small subset of Asia-philes within the Society for Creative Anachronism, a Medieval Living History society.  We build yurts (ger), make kumiss (fermented mare’s milk), and live as nomads (on the steppes of western Pennsylvania every August).