THe Code of Conduct



The Code of Conduct is the Law of the Dark Horde Moritu. It expresses and implies our philosophy. Every Sword Brother swears to live by and defend the Code.

I. To act always with the best interests of the Sword Brothers in mind.

II. To see that my skills & weapons are never used in a dishonorable fashion.

III. To take my responsibilities as an arms-bearer seriously, with safety ever foremost in mind.

IV. To not bear arms against another Sword Brother nor fail to assist him in combat, with the exception of practices and tests of arms.

V. To never yield to the enemy in combat, to fight to victory or death.

VI. To neither use nor abuse a Sword Brother’s weapons, armor, provisions, or household without the consent of that Sword Brother.

VII. To protect each Sword Brother’s weapons, armor, provisions, or household in his absence or incapacitation.

VIII. To never openly ridicule or dishonor a fellow Sword Brother in the presence of Cha’gua.

IX. To express my opinions openly and freely.

X. To keep secret the hidden ways of the Horde.

XI. To be a shield and defender to each Sword Brother as he is a shield and defender to me in all situations, both combatative and social.


To Ride with the Dark Horde Moritu

  • A potential Brother is watched by the “Anda” (“Sword Brothers” of the Moritu) for a minimum of one full year.
  • The “On-watcher” must be sponsored by a “Khanate” and attend a requisite number of “Kuraltais” (gatherings of the entire household).
  • Each “On-watcher” can only be “Corded” (made a full member) after unanimous approval of the entirety of the Brotherhood.
  • Once Corded each Anda swears an oath on steel to uphold the Code of Conduct.


Anda — (plural: andanar) full members of the Dark Horde Moritu, whether male or female, with all rights and responsibilities of membership; including the right of voice and vote in Kuraltai and the responsibility to live by the Code of Conduct.

Brother — Sword Brother, Anda, Moritu Hordesman, one who rides with the Moritu.

Cha’gua — not Anda, anyone who is not a member of the tribe.

Cording — ceremony by which an On-watcher becomes a Brother and is gifted with the red and black cords symbolic of belonging to the tribe.

Gurkhan — Warlord, elected leader of the Moritu fighting forces.

Kakhan — or Khan, the Anda elected by a majority vote to lead the tribe and speak for the household to the Cha’gua.

Khanate — a local group of Hordesman, at minimum two Anda and an On-watcher.

Kuraltai — (abrev.: K’tai) twice yearly gathering of the tribe at which al household business is conducted.

On-Watcher — Cha’gua who is being considered for membership in the tribe. The period of Watch can be as short as one full year or as long as several years. It is a time for the Anda to come to know the On-watcher and for the On-watcher to see the the tribe at its best and at its worst.

Qara Ordu Moritun — literally: Dark Horde Riders, the name of the tribe, members of the Dark Horde Moritu.

Tarkhan — Anda elected by the Khanate to speak for the Khanate.

To Ride — to belong to the tribe, to be Anda. We believe that Hordesmen are born, not made. Those who are meant to ride with us will eventually find their way home to us.

Yasun — regional group of Khanates. The elected speaker for the Yasun is called the Akatarkhan.